We make independent contracting an option for everyone

At 1099Policy we’re expanding the market for independent contractors by solving the top friction point: business insurance.

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“I’ve seen firsthand how vendor insurance requirements impede solopreneurs ability to work for large enterprise clients. I’ve also seen the expense that comes with monitoring insurance compliance.”

Fitz Ventura, CEO and co-Founder at 1099Policy

Our Story

On a mission to create one-click insurance compliance

1099Policy was born out of an industry veteran’s experience advising temp staffing agencies and freelance management platforms on how to best meet the insurance coverage needs of both the contracting entity and independent contractors. It became clear over time that the rapid increase of independent contractors needing insurance required a scalable solution that could operate at the intersection of where 1099 talent and the contracting entity meet.

Why we’re different

Our focus is on eliminating complexity

“There’s so much potential for technology to streamline what contractors have to do to satisfy vendor insurance requirements. We’ll know we’ve succeeded when insurance no longer stands in the way of independent contractors taking work.”

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Ray Ventura
CTO and co-Founder at 1099Policy

Business insurance is complex and often overwhelming. More so when it stands between an independent contractor and a contract engagement. 1099Policy is built to deal with the demands of the contracting entity compliance departments and the needs of the independent contractor. Our API for pay-as-you-go insurance products provides contractors the coverage that the contracting entity requires. We take care to abstract away the complexity of business insurance behind an easy-to-use interface specifically designed for the platforms that independent contractors use everyday to find work.

Join our team

Nimble, focused and curious

We’re a small, focused team. It’s our advantage and it’s why we’ve made so much progress in such a short amount of time. We know what we need to accomplish and we prioritize the highest value work so that everyday we’re one step closer to achieving our mission of ensuring that every member of the talent-on-demand economy has access to on-demand insurance.

Our success thus far is the product of the motivated and thoughtful team we’ve assembled to join us on our journey. If the thought of having outsized impact on a small and talented team appeals to you, let’s talk.

The tug of war between independent contractors and employers

A review of a Staffing Industry Analysts article titled Buyers Versus ICs: Who Will Win? that describes a tug of war between two opposing trends: an increasing number of workers who want to be independent contractors (ICs), and an increasing reluctance among some employers to engage ICs.