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Our customers use 1099Policy to ensure that contractors have workers’ comp and liability coverage – helping expand their insurance-compliant labor pool, reduce risk, and meet demand for their services.

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Our API is built for the leading freelancer and vendor management systems

Integrate with our API today and join our list of partners currently providing their enterprise clients with an insurance compliant labor pool.



Confirm contractor coverage instantly

We help companies scale their contingent workforce, ensure compliance, and mitigate risk.

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Expand your labor pool

Meet demand for your field services with a larger pool of insurance-compliant contractors.

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Streamline onboarding

Onboard your contingent workforce faster by removing the obstacle of procuring insurance through the typical, time-consuming, channels.

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Manage compliance

Track coverage and run compliance audits to verify that all contractors have the necessary coverage.

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Mitigate risk

Avoid costly worker misclassification suits due to uninsured contractor injuries.

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Source more work

Grow your pool of insurance-compliant contractors so you can place more workers.

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Attract & retain contractors

Make it simple for contractors to procure insurance at the time of their assignments, and to pay the premiums automatically as they work.

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Ensure compliance

Confirm that every contractor has the right coverage before beginning an assignment.

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Integrate easily

Add our quoting and binding functionality to your existing workflow easily using our well-documented API.

Built for Enterprise

Ideal for orgs using contingent labor

We've built a better way to onboard contractors compliantly across a wide range of industries, including:

Dispatched repair services.
We cover skilled professionals and technicians doing repair work for commercial clients wherever they are needed.
Delivery services.
We are here to support contractors doing local and long-distance deliveries.
Production and marketing.
Influencers and creatives use us to carry out their large enterprise engagements without getting tripped up by insurance requirements.
Project management.
With our solution, enterprise clients now have a compliant pool of project management contractors to help their business hit its goals.
We help production process consultants apply their precision and expertise compliantly, regardless of the duration of the project.
Contractors in the business of moving people efficiently and safely now have a partner to help with their business insurance.
Home services.
Professionals providing assistance and domestic services in residential spaces can lean on us to have the insurance that they are required to carry.
Computer & IT.
We equip contractors that design, maintain, and repair technology systems and networks with the affordable coverage they need to clear hurdles of large enterprise insurance requirements.
Entertainment and media
Contractors doing project-based work on film, TV, and event production benefit from insurance coverage that matches the duration of their work.


Custom built to unblock

Essential insurance coverage
Use our API to offer contractors real-time insurance quotes for workers' compensation, general liability, and professional liability policies. Our developer libraries let you seamlessly add insurance procurement into your workflow.
Pay-as-you-go pricing
Contractors only pay for coverage while they work. Contractors have the option to pay via credit card or have the labor platform withhold premium payments on their behalf. Learn more about our pricing →
Compliance tracking
We maintain a single source of truth for monitoring which contractor had what level of coverage, and when. We send a digital confirmation to the contracting entity when a contractor has obtained a policy and can provide certificates of insurance on demand.
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Plan your integration


The labor platform adds functionality to their workflow using our API. Our guides and API documentation make this easy.

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The contracting entity uses our platform to specify which assignments require insurance. Contractors can only take assignments if they procure the required coverage.

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Contractors without coverage can opt-in to use 1099Policy to secure coverage from one of our insurance carrier partners. Contractors who complete the application will have their coverage immediately reported to the labor platform.

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Contractors use our platform to view their payment history, file a claim, ask questions, or cancel coverage.

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Start integrating today

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