Priced so you always come out ahead

Enterprise clients and labor platforms leverage our solution to save on insurance compliance monitoring and to offload balance sheet risk.

API & Enterprise Dashboard

We aim to expand the labor pool for our enterprise customers by giving stakeholders in the contractor ecosystem access to our API and dashboard to simplify vetting and unblock contractors to go about the business of doing work. If you have unique needs, we can work with you to tailor a plan that meets your business requirements.

What’s included

  • API & webhook access
  • Dashboard and analytics
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • 2FA and Enterprise SSO



of contractor payments

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Invoices and receipts available for easy company reimbursement

A note to contractors

Business insurance to match how you work

1099Policy was built to address the cyclical nature of contractor work and the high upfront insurance premiums that often get in the way of securing the next job. You can find our solution on the platforms you use every day to find work. If you’re a contractor on a labor platform that would benefit from what we’ve built, contact us. We’re working tirelessly to expand our footprint so we’re available wherever you find work.

When you do find us in the wild, one thing you will notice right away is that you only purchase coverage for the length of your assignment, whether that’s two hours, two days or two weeks. Our priority is to get you to work without delay, with coverage that’s a fraction of the annual coverage currently available in the market. Know that we make money by earning a commission on policy sales, similar to a traditional broker (or direct-to-carrier) model.

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