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We provide everything you need to add a pay-as-you-go insurance option to your independent contractor onboarding experience - ensuring that every contractor has the right coverage before taking an assignment.

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Attract enterprise clients by providing them access to an insurance compliant talent pool

For those operating labor management systems, few things are more manual, cumbersome, and error-prone than validating that independent contractors have the insurance coverage required to accept assignments. Nonetheless, the right coverage is critical in mitigating tort liability and misclassification claims against clients using your p latform.

The headlines over the last two decades are complete with stories of Fortune 500 companies paying tens of millions of dollars in 1099 misclassification settlements. While it’s easy to pass compliance responsibility onto independent contractors, leaders that operate these platforms can separate themselves from the competition by making it easy for 1099s to secure exactly the coverage required to accept work and offering assurances to those that use their platform to find 1099s.

We’ve partnered with industry leading labor platforms to make it easy for 1099s to secure the coverage they need to accept work. Not only do labor platforms improve talent retention and reduce costs, these platforms can also opt in to reselling 1099Policy’s insurance compliance solution to your enterprise clients and create an additional revenue stream for your business.

Our client components and backend libraries do all of the heavy lifting so you can include insurance in your contractor onboarding workflow in days instead of months. In addition, we’ll make sure your team has all of the training and support they need to gain buy-in from your enterprise stakeholders.

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